domingo, febrero 04, 2007


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Anónimo dijo...

Hello Hector!
I met you years ago at the SCBWI conference in New York City. We emailed for a little while when you were still in Argentina. I remember we both had offers of some work for a company called Stickopotomus.
I noticed awhile back that you are now represented by HK Portfolios. Congratulations! I've just discovered your blog and will be following it! Your work is so wonderful! If you'd like to say hello, my email
Also, I'm a member of and wondered if you might like to join us. We have a website, but also have a listserve where we can network and talk. There are about 150 members.
So nice to see your work again! And to know that you are doing so well!
Sad to say, my site has not changed much, but I'm doing some nice jobs these days! Need to update that site! I'm now repped by Cornell and McCarthy.
All Best!
Marion Eldridge

v a l e r i a dijo...

es caracteristica de tu trabajo esa diagonal, ¡y les da un dinamismo increible!